Why You Should Opt for Advanced Electric Razors!

Norelco is one of the leading brands when it comes to electric razors and most men opt to buy their products, because of the many benefits they get out of these. One of its best and most popular razors is the Norelco Sensotouch 1160x that keeps the facial skin in good and healthy condition after every shaving session.

Norelco Sensotouch 1160x ensures of you getting that soft and supple skin that you desire for after shaving. This is, perhaps, your primary reason why you shave in the first place-to make your face look clean and well-groomed.

The Super Lift & Cut shaving system of the this razor makes ultra-close shave possible; it is specially designed to raise stubble from the skin, thereby effectively and precisely cutting it, without making the blades hit the skin.

The Norelco Sensotouch 1160x also makes use of the GyroFlex 2D technology that makes the razor easily adjust to the contours of the face. In traditional razors, the skin usually gets cut and damaged when the razor passes by some slopes on our face.

Norelco Sensotouch 1160xSometimes, it is even hard to remove stubble on these parts, so we tend to press the razors a bit more against our skin, thus causing it to bleed. However, with the Norelco Sensotouch 1160x, we would not have to worry about this issue, as the razor glides against contours without the possibility of hurting our skin.

With the Norelco Sensotouch 1160x, we can also be comfortable whether we choose wet or dry shaving. It has the Aquatec Seal that gives the skin moisture every time you shave. Even if we do not apply creams or gels on our faces before shaving, the Aquatec Seal will give the skin enough moisture for it not to get damaged by the blades.

The display found on the grip of the Norelco Sensotouch 1160x also tells a lot about the device; it displays several indicators, letting you know what should be done to it. First, it displays a battery indicator which tells you the number of minutes left in which you can use the razor.

This actually tells you when you need to recharge the razor’s batteries. The batteries of this electric razor can last up to 15 to 17 days in just one charge. Second, the razor has a cleaning indicator, which lets you know if the hair collector chamber is already full.

You just need to use the cleaning brush that goes with the razor package to remove the stubble from the chamber. Lastly, the Norelco Sensotouch 1160x displays an indicator on the grip when the system can no longer operate and you need to replace the device already.

The Norelco Sensotouch 1160x is one of the most advanced razors that you can buy in the market and it is definitely worth every cent that you spend for it. It features a variety of shaving technologies that makes the habit of shaving a lot easier for people, while keeping the skin clean and smooth and away from harm.

Washington – Winds Push Massive Wildfire in New Directions

A massive wildfire in north-central Washington was building up fast and shifting to new directions as it is being pushed by high, erratic winds.

Washington – Winds Push Massive Wildfire in New Directions

The lightning-caused wildfire was calculated at 260 square miles on Friday. As of Saturday morning, the fire traveled at almost 340 square miles in the Methow Valley northeast of Seattle. Residents of Carlton and Pateros have been advised to evacuate.

‘We’re seeing some wind shifts so that the fire is going to be pushed in some directions it hasn’t been pushed to date,’ fire spokesperson Chuck Turey stated.

The fire has wrecked 100 homes on Thursday and Friday, leaving behind chimneys and burned-out vehicles. Electric lines were down, causing power and communication outage in several towns. Officials had reported minor burns and contusions among the residents of the affected areas but no cases of serious injuries. This is a ‘pretty amazing safety record,’ stated fire spokesman Chuck Turey.

According to Turey, water and fire retardant were being dropped by helicopters and planes on all parts of the fire, with no one area preferred over another.

Residents are fighting for survival as fire continues to jump to anything that hasn’t burned yet, destroying property and killing livestock. ‘It’s just starting to run out of places to burn,’ said Okanogan County Sherriff Frank Rogers.

The north side of the fire near Winthrop has picked up, but erratic winds have been blowing it in different directions. The fire was burning in a small-populated area, with houses spread along the road and throughout the woods.

Washington – Winds Push Massive Wildfire in New Directions

In a KING-TV interview, fire officials said that the Chiwaukum Creek Fire west of Leavenworth has expanded to 11,444 acres and has not been restrained. The television station reported that no structures were burned but that residents in the area near Leavenworth have been ordered to leave their homes, according to the Washington Department of Natural Resources. US Highway 2 from Coles Corner to Leavenworth has been closed.

In Washington, 50 fires were burning, according to Gov Jay Inslee. About 2,000 firefighters were battling the fire on the eastern part of the state. About twelve helicopters from the Department of Natural Resources and the National Guard and a Washington State Patrol spotter plane were utilized.

Washington – Winds Push Massive Wildfire in New Directions

The Department of Natural Resources of Washington informed the public that firefighters from New Mexico, Utah, and Wyoming are coming to the state to help put out the blazes. Two military air tankers from Wyoming were announced to be brought in to help kill the wildfires in the Pacific Northwest and other places.

Ukraine: We Have Proof of Russia’s Involvement in the Shooting Down of MH17!

The Ukrainian government says it has definitive proof that Russia was involved in the shooting down of Malaysia Airline flight MH17 over eastern Ukraine on Thursday, claiming that Russia provided the rebels with surface-to-air missile systems and a crew.

Ukraine: We Have Proof of Russia’s Involvement in the Shooting Down of MH17!

At a news conference in Kiev, head of counterintelligence for the Ukrainian State Security Service Vitaly Nayda released photos that claimed to show that three Buk-M1, or SA-11 radar-guided missile systems, had been brought over the border of Russia, together with a three-man crew.

‘We have compelling evidence that this terrorist act was committed with the help of the Russian Federation,’ he said. ‘We know clearly that the crew of this system were Russian citizens.’ Two of the weapons were missile launchers mounted on an armoured vehicle and crossed the border into Russia on Friday at about 2 am, less than ten hours after MH17 was taken downed while in flight, Nayda explained. The third crossed the border around 4 am.

According to Nayda, the missile that took down MH17 was fired from Snizhne, a city in eastern Ukraine that is under the control of pro-Russian rebels. Both the United States and Ukraine believe that it would have been difficult for the separatist rebels to have fired such weapon without assistance from Russia.

The missile ‘is a sophisticated piece of technology,’ Rear Admiral John F. Kirby said at a news conference in Washington. It ‘strains credulity to think that it could be used by separatists without at least some measure of Russian support and technical assistance,’ he continued.

Ukraine: We Have Proof of Russia’s Involvement in the Shooting Down of MH17!

Ukraine also accused the Russian-backed separatist rebels of trying to obstruct the investigation into the crash, removing pieces of evidence from the crash site and looting belongings of the deceased passengers, such as jewelry, credit cards, and money.

In a statement, the Ukrainian government said, ‘The terrorists, with Russia’s support, are attempting to destroy the evidence of this international crime. We urge the international community to oblige Russia to withdraw its terrorists from Ukraine and to allow the Ukrainian and international experts to hold a comprehensive investigation of the tragedy.’ The government statement also alleged that the rebels were seeking to ‘export large-sized transport aircraft wreckage to Russia.’

Ukraine: We Have Proof of Russia’s Involvement in the Shooting Down of MH17!

Ukraine also claimed that the rebels had taken 38 bodies of the victims from the crash site and brought them to a morgue in Donetsk, a rebel fort, and accused people with ‘strong Russian accents’ of intending to perform autopsies. Officials had planned to take the victims’ bodies to a city in the east outside of rebel control, where, according to them, a special lab is set to help identify the bodies.

Passenger of Flight MH17 Posts Facebook Photo Joking about the Flight Disappearing

Cor Pan, a Dutch passenger of the doomed Malaysian Airline flight MH17, joked about the flight disappearing several minutes before he boarded the plane on Thursday morning and posted a photo on Facebook of what is thought to have been flight MH17. The caption reads: ‘If it disappears, this is what it looks like.’ The post was in reference to MH370, another Malaysian Airline flight that disappeared without any trace on March 8, 2014.

Passenger of Flight MH17 Posts Facebook Photo Joking about the Flight Disappearing

His post was responded by comments from his family and friends, who went along with the joke with wishes for a happy trip:

‘Happy holidays! I ask of God that no crazy things happen though!’

‘A huge beautiful holiday together and remember … we expect to see nice pictures.’

‘Have a great vacation dude.’

However, seven hours after the posted message, the MH17 flight from Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur had been blown apart in midair while traveling through the eastern part of Ukraine.

The happy greetings soon turned into heartbreaking queries by family and friends asking about Cor’s flight number and wondering whether he and his girlfriend were on board.

Calculating the interval of time between his Facebook update and the plane crash, it is feared that Cor was on board the airliner when the horrid incident happened.

This fact was confirmed by his cousin, who later posted the flight number and wrote: ‘Turns out our cousin Cor was on this plane.’ Posts also suggested that his girlfriend Neeltje Tol was on board with him on the plane.

Messages of grief for Cor’s death soon followed:

‘Rest in peace Cor and Neel this is surreal, with sympathy for family and friends.’

‘Terrible and unfair. Rest in peace Cor and Neeltje.’

Cor is believed to have taken the photo through a window at the boarding gate, just a few moments before the flight. The plane left Amsterdam at 12:15 pm.

Now, there have been nearly 6,000 shares of Cor’s post on Facebook.

Four-Year-Old in Critical Condition after Falling Out of a Two-Story Window

Police reports a four-year-old boy critically injured after a fall from a second floor bedroom window of a house on the 5400 block of Malcolm Street in the Kingsessing section of Southwest Philadelphia. The incident happened before 9:00 on Saturday morning.

The boy is said to have sustained several fractures to his skull and broken bones to his face, as well as other injuries due to the fall. He was rushed to the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, where he is now fighting for his life.

A neighbor, Lena Duncan, says she was terrified at the sight of the boy’s condition, after seeing him being taken away from the scene by the EMT. ‘His arms were just like flat just like out. His legs were just like, like he was lethargic. He wasn’t moving or anything,’ Duncan said. In another interview, Duncan recalls, ‘His head was on his shoulder. I seen blood – it looked like blood coming down from his head on his shoulder. His whole body was slumped over.’

Four-Year-Old in Critical Condition after Falling Out of a Two-Story Window

It is not clear what exactly happened. The police is still trying to figure out how the boy fell from the window, calling the case as an unusual one.

One of the boy’s neighbors explained, ‘We pretty much a tight neighborhood around here. We like to watch out for the kids. So that was an isolated incident as far as I’m concerned.’ According to the neighbors, there are at least two other kids in the house and the boy’s family usually keeps to themselves, unlike the rest of the neighborhood. And when asked about the child, the neighbors described him as a cheerful boy who is always with his mother.

Four-Year-Old in Critical Condition after Falling Out of a Two-Story Window

Right now it is a mystery if the incident was an accident or was a case of negligence. No arrests have yet been made, but the case is currently being handled by the Special Victims Unit.

Nurse Who Punched Mental Patient Accused of Breach of Code of Conduct

In New Zealand, a nurse was found in breach of the Code of Health and Disability Services after having punched a female patient in her early 20s, who was admitted in a district health board’s (DHB’s) medium-security mental health unit due to psychosis, increasingly changeable mood, and associated aggressive behaviors.

Deputy HDC Theo Baker also found fault on the part of the DHB, the clinical director, and the senior registered nurse in charge at the time of the reported punching, although she didn’t find them guilty of breach of the code.

The nurse, said to be relatively inexperienced, had been caring for the patient in the deescalation unit, together with other staff. The patient was said to have been placed in isolation because of her aggressive behavior. At that time, she sent the patient to her room because of swearing and acting aggressively. The nurse offered to make a hot drink for the patient if she calmed down. The patient then approached the nurse and punched her several times in the head, causing her ear to bleed.

In her defense, the nurse reacted with two punches on the upper body of the patient, who nevertheless sustained no major injury. The patient was restrained with the help of the other staff. And with the consent of the senior registered nurse, the nurse administered an intramuscular injection to the patient to calm her down. The patient was then taken to her room and was put in isolation.

The nurse refused to see a doctor. And when invited to take part in a debriefing, the nurse declined.

Nurse Who Punched Mental Patient Accused of Breach of Code of Conduct

Upon proper investigation, the DHB imposed suspension, and the nurse has not renewed her yearly practicing certificate.

Baker recommends that the DHB review its procedures regarding the management of violent incidents as the nurse should have discontinued any contact with patients after the assault. According to Baker, should the nurse wish to practice her profession again, she suggests that the Nursing Council evaluate the application.

Nurse Who Punched Mental Patient Accused of Breach of Code of Conduct

In addition to the suspension, Baker asked that the nurse extend a written apology to the patient. While Baker gives her sympathy for what happened, she says she “cannot condone the conduct of a nurse punching a patient.”

Hungary: Politicians Joined the Protest against Erection of Monument for Victims of Nazi German Occupation

A protest was staged in Szabadsag Square in central Budapest on Sunday after a monument was erected to pay tribute to the victims of the Nazi regime for the 70th anniversary of the Nazi German occupation of Hungary.

Police stood guard to avert any act of violence or riot, and several of the protesters were identified for violating the peace, including egg pelting.

The plan to build the monument had been announced at the end of 2013, and since then strong disapproval by opposition parties and civilians has been expressed. According to the dissenters, the monument sends confusion to the role of the country in the Holocaust.

Hungary: Politicians Joined the Protest against Erection of Monument for Victims of Nazi German Occupation

Joining the crowd of protesters were Ildiko Lendvai of the Socialists and Tamas Bauer of the Democratic Coalition (DK). Other politicians who were seen in the event were Jozsef Tobias, Socialists’ newly elected chairman; Gergely Karacsony, co-chair of E-PM; and Peter Niedermuller, DK deputy leader.

DK leader Ferenc Gyurcsany accused Prime Minister Viktor Orban of “falsifying the Holocaust,” “confusing the murderer and the victim” erected “in the shelter of the night.” He claimed that Orban dishonored the Jewish, Romani, and gay people who were killed in the Holocaust, saying further that it was “characteristic of the regime that it did not dare set up the statue of falsehood during the day.”

Hungary: Politicians Joined the Protest against Erection of Monument for Victims of Nazi German Occupation

In a statement, the E-PM said that the monument would be removed if a center-left mayor would win in local elections in autumn. The statement claims that instead of serving as an objective and peaceful remembrance, the monument negates the role of the Hungarian nation.

The Hungarian Liberal Party, on the other hand, said that the monument has become “a memorial to the arrogance of the Hungarian government” rather than a remembrance of the atrocities of the war.

Pal Steiner, Socialist mayoral candidate in the district where the monument is erected, announced on Saturday that the proposed initiative on referendum to preclude the erection of the statue was denied by the Budapest Court of Appeal.

Atlanta Dream Coach Michael Cooper Expected to Fully Recover from Tongue Cancer

Atlanta Dream head coach Michael Cooper has taken a temporary leave of absence from the WNBA due to findings of early stage of tongue cancer. Cooper, 58, is scheduled to undergo surgery procedure this week at Winship Cancer Institute of Emory University in Atlanta.

Speaking about his condition in a statement released by Atlanta Dream, Cooper said, “The doctors and staff at Emory have been tremendous, and I know I’m in good hands. I’m fortunate that my condition was diagnosed early, and this episode illustrates the importance of screening and early detection.”

To take over Cooper’s head coach functions during his two-week leave is assistant coach Karleen Thompson. Atlanta is scheduled for a game on Tuesday at Minnesota.

Atlanta Dream Coach Michael Cooper Expected to Fully Recover from Tongue Cancer

”I know the team will be in good hands with coach Thompson at the helm during my absence, and I look forward to returning to the court soon,” said the coach.

Cooper is in the midst of his first season with the Atlanta Dream. His team is currently on the lead in this Eastern Conference with a 15–6 win–loss. He played a significant part in the WNBA All-Star game on Saturday, leading the East to a 125–124 victory against the West.

Atlanta Dream Coach Michael Cooper Expected to Fully Recover from Tongue Cancer

Between the years 1978 and 1990, Cooper played as a shooting guard for the Los Angeles Lakers and won the title NBA All-Defensive First Team player five times. He was also awarded WNBA Coach of the Year in 2000 with the Los Angeles Sparks at the beginning of his stint at the WNBA. As coach, he won two titles with the Los Angeles Sparks and one NBA Development League championship with Albuquerque.

After his years with the Sparks, Cooper accepted the job as a women’s coach for the Women of Troy. The Trojans struggled in his final two seasons as head coach. He left the team in March following an 11-20 season. Despite this, the relationship Cooper had with the Trojans will not be forgotten. On their official website, wish of luck has been expressed by the Women of Troy for “Coach Coop” in his battle with his cancer.

Atlanta Dream Coach Michael Cooper Expected to Fully Recover from Tongue Cancer

It normally requires two weeks to recover from the procedure, and luckily for the Dream, Cooper is expected to make full recovery from the cancer and to be back to his coaching duties in the later part of the season. It truly won’t be the same for the team to play without their head coach, especially since they have some tough opponents to beat. Cooper’s recovery will play a decisive role in how far the Dream will go this season as the team hopes to make it to the playoffs for the sixth consecutive time.